Pastor’s Page


April 2019

Pastor’s Page:

There’s this old preacher story that I really love (possibly because I’m an old preacher). It’s about this guy who’s in a museum looking at this painting. The painting shows two guys playing chess. One of them is just an ordinary guy and the other one is the Devil. The ordinary guy is down to his last two pieces on the board and the Devil is smiling and the painting is called, “Checkmate.” The idea is, all is lost. The situation is hopeless.

But this man who is looking at the painting is a world class chess champion. And he stares at it for a long time. He tells his buddy, “There’s something about this painting that bothers me. It’s gonna drive me crazy if I don’t figure it out. You go on ahead.” And he stares at that thing, and he stares and stares and stares. And all the sudden he says, “Wait a minute! Somebody needs to get a hold of this artist and tell him that he needs to change his title! This painting is called Checkmate, but the title is wrong! Because that king still has one more move. And if he makes that move, he will win. The king has one more move!”

And that, folks, is the entire message of Easter in one little sentence: theKing has one more move! Death does not have the last word! Sin does not have the last word! Evil and hatred and prejudice and violence and sickness and disease will never have the last word! Not in our lives, not in this world. The worst thing is never the last thing. Whatever you are going through right now, whatever problems or troubles are on your mind today, they will not get the last laugh. Because the King has one more move!

If you’re worried about your health, the King has one more move!

If your financial outlook is less than rosy, and it’s keeping you up at night, the King has one more move!

If you are lonely or depressed or anxious or bored, the King has one more move!

If you have sinned or failed or messed up your life, the King has one more move!

Even if you die, the King has one more move!

I hope you’re excited about Easter, and I hope you’ll come and celebrate it with us this year. Or I hope you’ll celebrate it somewhere. But if you can’t it’s no biggie – the reason we have church on Sunday is because every week is a celebration of Easter. You can come anytime!

You are blessed, and you are a blessing,

Pastor Mike