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Last Sunday I told the congregation about Kopi Luwak coffee.  It was mentioned in the movie The Bucket List. It’s supposed to be the greatest coffee in the world, and it is definitely the most expensive.   You can pay up to $100 for a cup of it.  It’s only grown in one place in the world, in Indonesia on the island of Sumatra.  And it is harvested in a very unique way.  There is a wild animal on the island, a certain kind of civet cat called the Luwak cat, who likes to eat these coffee beans and always picks out the very best beans to eat.  And then the Luwak cat of course passes them – trying to be delicate here – and then after it passes them someone gathers the coffee beans.   But yeah, it can cost up to $600 a pound.  Kopi Luwak coffee.  Look for it at Walmart.  God has made a world where something amazing can come from something awful.

And there are a lot of things like that.  Like honey.  Most people like it, and even the Bible refers to the Promised Land as “the Land of Milk and Honey.”  And honey is basically bee vomit.  (Bee experts get annoyed when people say that, and they insist its more complicated than that.  But as near as I can tell it’s pretty close to vomit.

Mushrooms are a favorite food for many people.  They came in all kinds of shapes and varieties.  Each one has a distinctive taste.  Some can be quite expensive, and some people spend hours searching in the woods for them.  And yet, mushrooms grow on things that are decomposing and decaying.  My dad still refuses to eat them for that reason.

Or doves – doves are a symbol of the Holy Spirit and of peace.  But the fact is, “dove” is basically another word for “pigeon.”  And “pigeon” is another word for “rat with wings.”

All around us every day we can see evidence that God summons life’s greatest wonders from the lowest places.  Think about the worst form of death that human beings have ever devised – a form of execution designed to cause as much pain and humiliation for as longest amount of time possible.  But now the cross is the symbol of our faith – we sing about cherishing “The Old Rugged Cross.”  Some people hold one tight when they pray.

I’ve been thinking about these things because, in the opinion of a lot of people, 2020 has been a pretty lousy year so far.  And there’s no doubt that it has brought a lot of unwanted change and frustration, and even outright misery for some folks.  But I have great hope in God’s ability to bring good out of anything.   I’m anxious to see what wonders and miracles God will bring out of this.  And someday we’ll be able to brag to our grandchildren and great grandchildren that we saw it all happen!

You are blessed, and you are a blessing

         Pastor Mike