Our Missions Ministry develops deeply committed Christians by sending members of our congregation into our
community, denomination and world to make disciples and serve others in ways that honor God, share Christ,
transform lives and promote justice.


Our Missions

Fall Festival

Christmas Food Baskets

Festival of Sharing

School Supplies

Shades of Hope – Relay For Life Cancer Group



Second Sunday Mission Kids

Please contact me if you have any ideas for projects the kids might create or folks who may be encouraged by their special delivery!

Serving Jesus with A Child’s Heart,

Jeanie Park


Empty Prescription Bottles Needed!

The Matthew 25 Ministries group collects these bottles for use in Africa.  Our liaison to this special group is Joan White.  As a member of the Painter Creek Grange, Joan takes the bottles to a representative of the Ohio State Grange association, who then takes the hundreds of bottles collected from people like us and turns them over to Matthew 25 Ministries  for their journey to Africa.  We do need to remove all the labels!  GOO GONE is really good to use for removing the labels.  There is a orange plastic container in the Fellowship Hall  (on the table by the windows) in which you may put your empty bottles.