Renew Your Spirit!

At LaRue United Methodist Church, the emphasis is on unconditional love and acceptance for members of the congregation and for members of the community.  Visit us and discover boundless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, along with meaningful ways to make a real difference in your community.  You’ll be greeted with genuine warmth and embraced by a supportive extended family.



IT’S COOL OUT AND TIME TO START THINKING ABOUT COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS BASKETS.  Once again, this year, we will be helping families in our community with help at Christmas. Last year we assisted 43 families with gift cards for the Christmas season.  If you know of families, individuals or couples who are having a difficult time and would truly benefit from assistance this year, please give their name and address to Debi.  A letter will be sent to them asking them if they could use some assistance. Your name will not be mentioned.