Preschool News

Preschool is going well and these kids are such a joy to teach! Their comments like “ I love you Mrs Mattix” or “I’m gonna miss you Mrs Mattix,” keep me going. 

I wanted to incorporate more of Jesus since it is a Christian Preschool so besides what we already do I now ask the kids for prayer requests to see if they know anyone we can pray for. To get their attention I say Jesus loves me and they all join in and say Jesus loves you! It’s so important they know that!  I hope to incorporate even more things as time goes by.

We are proud to announce that our pizza fundraiser went well and we were able to purchase a new AC for our preschool classroom. Thanks to all who donated money. With new AC we can start preschool early next fall on Tue Sept 3rd, and stay in our classroom the whole time instead of using the social room.

Some upcoming events are 

            March 25-29th Spring break

            April 14th Palm Sunday-Preschool sing songs

            May 11th Preschool graduation 9:00 am.


Tracy Mattix