Renew Your Spirit!

At LaRue United Methodist Church, the emphasis is on unconditional love and acceptance for members of the congregation and for members of the community.  Visit us and discover boundless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, along with meaningful ways to make a real difference in your community.  You’ll be greeted with genuine warmth and embraced by a supportive extended family.



The team along with Pastor Mike has decided to not hold TRUNK OR TREAT this year at the LUM Church. Gov. Dewine has issued guidelines for Trick or Treat and we want to help keep kids and adults safe. 

The Fire Department also is not having a Treat night.


 Due to COVID 19 Community Christmas Baskets will be different this year.  We will be purchasing gift cards for the youth under 18 instead of buying gifts.  Also changing will be the food distribution.  We will be sending the families gift cards. 

    We ask you to give a monetary gift this year.  What we are able to give to the families will depend on donations and how many families we have requests from.  I have a feeling we might have a good number of requests this year.

    If you know anyone who can use extra help for Christmas please let Debi Berry know their name and address.  She will send them a letter asking if they would accept help.  Your name will not be mentioned.

     Scioto Valley Firefighters and Auxiliary will be doing the coat, hat and gloves distribution this year.  They will be accepting donations of gently used coats, hats and gloves beginning in November.  Watch for more details in next month’s newsletter.

    We pray for all during this time of change and uncertainty. 

Debi Berry

Chairperson Outreach/Missions


            May Angels Rest Beside Your Door


                                                May angels rest beside your door,

                                                May you hear their voices sing,

                                                May you feel their loving care for you,

                                                May you hear their peace bells ring,

                                                May angels always care for you,

                                                And not let you trip and fall,

                                                May they bear you up on angel’s wings

                                                May they keep you standing tall.

                                                May they whisper wisdom in your ear,

                                                May they touch you when you need,

                                                May they remove from you each tract of fear,

                                                May they keep you from feeling greed.

                                                May they fill you with their presence,

                                                May they show you love untold,

                                                May they always stand beside you

                                                And make you ever bold.

                                                May they teach you what you need to know

                                                About life here and here-after,

                                                May they fill you always with their love,

                                                And give you the gift of laughter.